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Handmade and hand-rolled incense. Including three delicate and all-natural scents.


Crafted from scratch using Ibiza plants, homemade infusions and high-grade or hand-picked resins. Offering vibrational support by intention spells for manifesting:


'I am connected' - Sabina & mastic

'I am peaceful' - Lavender & pine

'I am awaken' - Orange & frankincense


Made from the elements of earth and water, ignited by fire, it releases the smoke that connects the air element with the aether. An elevated experience to honour the 5 elements.


Incense cones for easy use, non invasive smoke and scents that connect to the island. They just needs your inner fire to ignite its manifesting powers.


Reiki blessed for high vibes.


Box of 6 incense cones: 2 cones x 'I am connected' - 2 cones x 'I am peaceful' - 2 cones x 'I am awaken'

Witches Hats incense cones

15,00 €Precio
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