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Patricia Escriche - Studio Patori

Island Witch Crafts was born in 2020 in Ibiza, as a way to honour the land where we step on and connect to the elements, to find presence within  ourselves and reach the spirit realm.


I had been travelling through Asia for a few months until covid hit and I had to return to the island. While I was in lockdown I missed lighting incense or palo santo for my practice, I had nothing and I liked to use smoke as part of my everyday rituals, to stay present and grounded. The shops were closed and I couldn't get anything to burn... so then it hit me: 'Why are we flying in pieces of endangered wood or incense from other parts of the world, having no idea how this was made... just to burn them and make smoke?'

So I went outside, into the Ibiza countryside. It was spring and so much abundance at my footstep. It made me think about the witches in the old Mediterranean life... 'there must be something they used to burn as well'. All cultures hold their own smudging or burning techniques and there should be something they used to burn in Ibiza, right?


As a way of acknowledging our beautiful land, the one that allows our everyday lives, I studied and collected local plants, tried, tested and bundled them... and that's how it all started.


The use of smoke for rituals has been present in every culture since the beginning of times. Smoke represents the air element, which is made through the earth and water element that create the plants, ignited by the fire element and through the air and thanks to the smoke that makes it visible, connects us to the aether element that brings our prayers, thoughts and intentions to spirit.


Smoke cleanses by collecting information and particles from the air and bringing it up to the sky where it can all be released. It not only cleanses but also is used as aid to protection and prayers. By this and working with our local plants we can also honour the land where we step on, that land that sees us grow, that supports every step we take, that feeds and nourishes us... the land of Ibiza.

The plants are crafted into different kinds of smoke offerings, always holding an intention present in each plant. I craft in ritual, taking care that every step of the process is filled with good intentions and love.


I Reiki bless every offering of 'healing-arts' that comes out of my hands.

Every bundle and incense holds beautiful energies. Are collected or crafted in special moments in time. Are created mindfully and especially to raise your vibrations. Are crafted in intention and peace for the wellness of us all.


Island Witch Crafts is an etheral, transient and ephemeral brand. The ultimate purpose is to create connection and presence though simplicity.

The plants are carefully selected and collected seasonally, sustainably foraged on the island or lovingly collected from island farms and gardens.


Through the use of our smokes, we connect to our center. It is something that can only happen in the present moment, when we burn and release the smoke to touch our intentions. They are meant to serve their purpose and then disappear into air and aether.

This is the reason why all is crafted for its purpose and vanishing. All is meant to be burnt. All is meant to leave no physical trace, only a feeling of wellbeing.

The packaging, the thread and any other object that supports the offerings, are also meant to be burnt. We leave no trace. We come from nothing and leave nothing that could compromise the wellbeing of the Earth.

All the packaging is made of recycled craft paper that can be reused or burnt. It is handmade and hand printed, letter by letter, logo by logo, using only high-quality products that are ethically sourced and sustainably created to support our ethos. It's all made consciously, locally in Ibiza or Spain.

Through the sales of our offerings, we support the Ibiza Preservation Fund and thank them for their beautiful labour on our wonderful island home.

Thank you for all your support.

With much love from the magic island,

Sofia xx

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