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· What to do if my bundle is still fresh?
If your bundle is still fresh, dry it near the heat of the fireplace or under the sun. If you sun dry it, make sure you dry it covered, inside the paper wrapping or bag.

Direct sunlight will make the colours fade away.

· My bundle is not burning, what to do?

If it’s not burning well, it can be because it’s still fresh. If it’s well dry and you’ve already lit it before, or it’s burning very slowly, maybe is tied too tight.

Carefully press the tip and open it so the air can pass through. Break off any charred bits. Use a strong flame to light it and a fan to give more air for combustion. You’ll have a bigger flame and more smoke next time.

· How do I turn it off?

Always keep an eye on the lit bundle. If there is no direct air on it, it will turn off eventually. If you go away, turn it off on a bowl of sand or ashes, or gently press it against the smudging bowl, as you would do with a cigarette.

If you’re in an open space with wind, it may create flames. Put out the bundle on sand or extinguish it against the bowl. Please be careful of your surroundings.

· Do they expire?
As long as you don't use it, it will last. Maybe the colours will fade away or it will get very crinkly, but you can still burn it.

If you don’t burn it for a long time, check it out once in a while in case any critters have found it before you. They love petals and oranges…

· How do I keep it while travelling?
While travelling inside your bag, you can keep it inside the paper wrapping, so it doesn’t break and your bag doesn’t end up covered in ashes.


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1. Light your candle. Choose ideally a big candle, set an intention for the fire or feel the warmth and light of the fire element taking over the room. It's better to use a candle as you set your space for your ritual. Lighters are ok for 'on-the-go', but not ideal as it probably won't burn evenly.

2. Light up your bundle. Light it in the candle, move it around so the fire reaches every plant. The herbs and petals will catch fire before the thicker branches. Observe the sound of the fire, the smoke appearing, if it burns a lot or not.

3. If it goes on flames it's ok, better too much fire than none at all. Just blow it off. Set an intention for your cleanse. Blow your own air to work with your own alchemy. Crafts always need the witch's touch.

4. Once you've put air into the fire and you've got enough smoke, start your cleanse by moving the smoke in either circular or uplifting directions. Always use a bowl to collect any flying ashes or pieces that could cause a fire. Cleanse yourself first, then your space or others. Be as creative as you want. It's an intuitive work, so be open to receiving instructions on what's needed...

5. Use a fan, feathers or blow air into the bundle for combustion and creating more smoke. More fire, more air, more smoke. In this way it will also consume faster. You can use the air to direct the smoke wherever you want it to go. Experiment with what works best for you.

6. For the home: Cleanse well the corners, arches of the doors, mirrors and windows. Close all windows while you cleanse, leave them closed for a while and then let the air in to move what's stagnant. I also like to say mantras or spells that will protect or get rid of energies. Or you can also move or dance with the smoke... it's all allowed on your own ritual.


  • Instagram - How to use

1. Light the charcoal with a strong flame for a few seconds and place it on a heatproof bowl.

Use tweezers or tongs so you don’t burn your fingers. If you're using a metallic bowl, use ashes or sand as a bed for better heat conduction.

2. Magically sprinkle the loose incense blend on top of the charcoal. A little goes a long way.
Blow a little air and let your spirit dance with the elements.

Keep adding more incense to taste.

3. Smoke cleanse yourself and your space, intuitively. Use a fan or blow air to direct the smoke and make more combustion.


After you cleanse, you can use the blend to set intentions, for protection, as a tool for presence, or just being in connection to the elements. Magic Smoke is a great blend to lighten up the space and releasing after you've done a heavy cleanse with denser smokes or rituals.

The charcoal disc should burn for about an hour. If it turns off, repeat the first step.


1. Light the tip of a Palo Mago incense bar with a lighter, candle or match for a few seconds until all the upper surface is on fire.

2. Hold the bar with your fingers and watch the flame extinguish magically. Move it around as a wand or use it to smoke cleanse yourself and your space.

3. Fill up the cap of your Palo Mago packet with sand or ashes and insert the bar in a way that it's standing up straight, with the smoke going upwards.

If you don't have the cap, or sand, place it on a heatproof bowl.

You can also hold it with your fingers, just be careful with the end not burning the tip of your fingertips.

If you direct it upwards it will burn faster and more evenly as if you'd leave it horizontal or facing down.


You can also just cut a piece of the bar with your fingers and use the bar little by little on a heat proof bowl. You can use just half or whole, you can burn it, turn it off and then turn it on again. Just like you'd do with a palo santo stick.


1. Light the tip of a Witches' Hat incense cone with a lighter, candle or match for a few seconds until the tip is on fire.

2. Place it on a heat proof plate or incense burner and watch the flame extinguish magically. If it takes too long to extinguish, blow the flame yourself.

3. If you place it over a bed of ashes or sand it will burn completely and evenly until the end.

If you place it over wood it might leave a burnt mark on the wood at the end of the cone.

If you burn it on a metallic surface it won't burn until the very end.

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