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Immerse yourself into the spirit of the nature of Ibiza and learn how to craft your own smudge stick with local plants to smoke cleanse and protect your energy.


The workshop includes:

* Smoke cleansing to each participant before entering the workshop

* Introduction to smoke cleansing, use and collection of plants and how to choose them for your intention.

* How to bundle, post-workshop care and how to use instructions.

* We invoke a ritualistic environment to be in the right space to create with purpose.

* Guided intuitive bundling of plants for your smoke cleansing bundle creation.

Baskets and thread provided. Some gardening scissors will be available for sharing.


The workshop will be combined with a gentle nature walk on the surrounding area to understand the plants, gather materials and connect with the land.


Please get in touch for bespoke workshop experiences and pricing.

Minimum gathering: 10 people for 80€ each.

Smoke Cleansing Bundle Workshop (80€ x 10 people)

800,00 €Precio
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